Philosophical counselling

Philosophical counselling is close and careful conversation to find one’s own way in a troubled world – a meaningful and emancipating alternative to psychotherapy. No academic philosophy required! 
Who should come for philosophical counselling? It could be anyone who is stuck, confused, unhappy or otherwise suffering and wanting to find their way through. (I also work with couples.) Take a look around the site, see what I’m up to. If it makes sense and appeals to you, then it’s likely a good fit.

I first studied philosophy in order to think better and more deeply about my life and experience and what it all means. How to be happy, how to find good work, how to love and be loved. 

I discovered that academic philosophers are generally busy with other questions. 

But it hasn’t always been like that. Since the beginning (in the West and elsewhere), philosophy has offered ways to live well in the world with others, to keep our wits about us, to act with confidence and integrity.  

The basic methods of an ancient philosophical therapist – paying attention, asking real questions, considering options, trying them out, noticing what happens – still work just fine today. After twenty years of offering and writing about philosophical therapy, I believe that’s true.

These days, maybe more than ever, we need to be able to think for ourselves. We can do that together.

~ Helen Douglas

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